Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I think it's really Fall

On Labor Day here (the "last day of Summer"), it rained most of the day. Since then, it's mostly been cool and cloudy in the mornings with some drizzly days, and partly cloudy in the afternoons.

The weather is perfect.

I know, I know—most people love sunshine and warm weather, and certainly not clouds and rain. Even my body doesn't like the wetness so much, responding accordingly with aches and pains and every now-and-then, even a migraine.

But I love rain. I love Fall. And I love the weather in the Pacific Northwest.

When I was planning to move to this part of the country, there was one thing almost everyone asked about it, "but doesn't it rain a lot there?" The answer is, of course, yes. It rains frequently, but not usually hard or in large quantity. Even though it might rain every day in a week, it probably won't rain all day every day. I probably wouldn't even need an umbrella to go out in it—just a good raincoat. (In fact, in the time I've lived here, there have only been a couple of thunderstorms with heavy rain that I can remember. Now hail is a different story, but that would be for a post about Spring.) The fact is, living in this climate is not for everyone, but it suits me just fine.

I love the trees and the pervasive greenness here. I like how the rain makes everything smell. I love how cool weather makes me want to snuggle up inside under a blanket with a book, a crochet project, or with Jaymz. I like the long-sleeved and comfortable clothing of Fall, the fuzzy socks, and wearing my Birkenstocks every day. I like the excitement and nervousness of back-to-school time, even though it's been a while since Fall has meant back-to-school for me.

My garden seems to be enjoying this weather too—my beets have suddenly grown bigger and my squash plants all have blossoms. I think I might plant a Fall crop of spinach this week, too.

What is your favorite thing about Fall? About rain? About the weather where you live? What are your favorite cool or rainy day activities? I'd love to know!


  1. That sounds so nice. I am in South Carolina and we have a ways to go before it cools off like that! I love summer but I'm about ready for some 65-degree days. Rainy days are my favorite, but we haven't had one in a week or two. We like to stay home to cuddle and watch movies and if it's a good thunderstorm we open the curtains and watch that, too.

    And I am jealous of your leaf. Ours won't be turning for a while and I'm so ready to see them! They are beautiful right around Thanksgiving.

  2. I like Summer, too, it's just not my MOST favorite season. Most of the leaves haven't turned yet here, but there are two tiny trees in front of our place--one has lost all of its leaves already, and the other is starting to turn. Fall leaves are so beautiful! I hope you'll share a photo of your SC leaves when they change!


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