Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Daniel, (four months!)

Sleeping right before the wedding
You are four months old, wow. This has been a big month for you, indeed! You learned to roll over, front to back one day, and back to front the next day. That was a very exciting week! You've done it only a few times since then, but I think it's because you're just sort of over it. (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.) There was some question about your slowing weight gain at your four-month doctor's appointment, but I'm pretty sure that at 13 pounds and 25 inches, you're just starting to establish your growth pattern as tall and skinny like Jaymz. You had your first little cold this month, and you transformed into a snotty, snarfy, snorty little piglet for a few days. Poor baby boy! We cuddled, nursed and napped a lot and you were pretty clingy, but you got through it unscathed.

Tolerating the front-facing-out carry
We went to another wedding this month, and you met several of your great-aunts and a great-uncle. You were content to sleep through the ceremony, which was convenient for me and Papa, as we could stay for the whole thing. You took a couple of naps in the ring sling, and were generally a big hit in your onesie with the necktie on it. We all survived our first out-of-town trip with cloth diapers, and the car ride went well both ways, too.

Speaking of babywearing, we got lots of compliments about the ring sling at the wedding, and you were very snuggly in it on my hip. We've tried out a few new positions in the various carriers this month, including the hip carry in the ring sling, a back carry in the stretchy wrap while I made dinner, and a front-facing-out carry in the pouch. Thanks for being so easy-going when it comes to trying new things.

You've started regularly rubbing your eyes with your fists when you're tired. It's pretty darn cute. One time though, you were rubbing your right eye with your right fist and you got your little thumb up under your top eyelid and kept at it for a while as Papa and I watched in amazement and horror. Then you realized it was painful and started crying. So now, we're keeping a closer watch on you to make sure you don't do it again (cause you sure have tried)!

Along the same lines, you've been shoving your whole fist in your mouth, or sometimes just two or three fingers, to the point that you start coughing and gagging. Some day, kiddo, you'll understand not to put your fingers all the way in there. For now, you haven't figured out "cause and effect," so we're just trying to keep you from making yourself spit up.

Your hand escaped the swaddle for a quick munch.
One day early this month you had a fever, and then the next day the drooling started. Hello teething! You are chewing on anything and everything now, but you still especially like cloth and fingers. You chew on your fingers a lot but you particularly like it if Papa or I will put our big fingers in your mouth for a chew. My fingers are starting to get a little sore! Your mouth is still just a little bit too small for the chilled teether we have, so we're improvising until you show some interest in shoving that in your mouth to ease the pain.

One side-effect from the teething is that nighttime sleep has been a bit disrupted, with more wake-ups during the night. Your daytime naps, however, are starting to work themselves out. You have one longer nap in the morning, and shorter naps throughout the rest of the day. Since you're not acting cranky and poorly rested anymore, I'm assuming you're getting enough sleep. When we have a day when you seem to be more tired than usual, we go to bed together for a long nap and a lazy day in bed. I'm glad I still have you as an excuse to do that sometimes!

You're not fighting going to sleep as much anymore. We can often lay you down for bed (and some naps) awake, and you'll either drift off to sleep right away, or have quiet time until you're ready to fall asleep. You are working so hard at learning how to sleep!

You laughed for the first time this month...and then a second time! With the camera recording, your Papa and I have been making grand fools out of ourselves to your amusement. But still, we elicit no more laughs. Speaking of laughing though, one day I was on the phone and I was holding you and looking into your eyes as I was listening. When I laughed out loud all of a sudden, you looked surprised, then frowned, and finally, began to cry. It was sad and funny and...precious. I love you so much.

You've started grabbing the toys on your play mat and trying to put them in your mouth. Problem is, they're just a little too far to reach your little gaping bird mouth. So, the harder you pull to bring one to you, the farther it flies when you lose your grip and it springs back. I know you'll get it one of these days! You're also enjoying holding onto your blankets and pulling them over your head. I had you hanging out on the floor at an appointment on your blanket one day and you were making the doctor nervous by grabbing handfuls of blanket and mushing them in your face. Since we were watching you closely, I reassured her that you just love your blanket.

Another thing you love is talking. You babble all the time, sometimes almost like you're telling a story. If we're in a big group of people and everyone's being talking loudly, you talk loudly too, perhaps so people will listen to you. Often when we're driving in the car, you're in the back talking away, presumably at or about all the great things you can see out the window. I love hearing you talk about whatever is on your mind—I only wish I could understand what you're saying to me!

There's one sound you make a lot when you're chewing on something and really enjoying it. The best I can spell it is "ayngya" and you always say it at least three times in a row, quite enthusiastically: "Ayngya, ayngya, ayngya!" Another sound you've learned is a popping sound you make with your lips. It's not lip smacking, really, but you do it a lot when you're feeling calm but social. It's a sweet little sound.

There's a new smile you started doing this month, where you grin with your tongue poking out between your lips. You do this regularly first thing in the morning or when you seem particularly pleased with yourself, and it is great. I can't get enough of your happy smiles! Another thing you do that I love is the double-arm-over-head stretch, usually accompanied by tucking your legs in under your body and making funny facial expressions. You do it more now that we're swaddling you for sleep—I guess it gets a little cramped in there after a while. You also do it when we take you out of the car seat or a carrier if you've been in there for a while:

Sometimes you only do one arm up, and it doesn't seem to be a stretch, but rather you've got your hand balled in a fist, sort of "power to the people" style. You make a cute little activist; try to stay out of trouble!

"Whatcha doin', Momma?"
You're engaging with the world around you more this month. You've started looking at people on the computer screen when we talk on Skype with family. Yesterday, you were even smiling at the person on the screen (your Aunt Suzanne) without me having to trick you to by standing behind the computer and having you smile at me. We all really enjoyed it. You've also (unfortunately) become interested in the television, so we're watching less of it while you're awake now.
Zoned out with Papa 
You've been pretty interested in Papa's video games, too. A couple of times, you've helped him play by pressing the buttons on his controller. He really appreciates the help, Little One. Keep up the good work!

Who's your new friend, Daniel?
Another thing you've started to like is smiling at the baby in the mirror. Sometimes when you're smiling and interacting with yourself in the mirror, as with other people, you smile for a bit and then turn your head and bury it in the chest of whoever is holding you, as if you're suddenly feeling shy. Then you look back at the person and smile, then turn your head and hide again. You are so cute! You are quite content for long stretches to be held while you gaze into someone's eyes. Your eye contact is so wonderful.

And oh, those eyes! You have the most beautiful, big, dark, eyes. I guess they are still grey, but most people are pretty sure they're going to be brown. We'll see! The nurse at our pediatrician's office called them "super-cool," and said maybe they'll have to invent a new color called "super-cool" and you'll be the first and only person to ever have eyes that color. You are pretty special.



  1. What a great post!

    I can't believe it's been four months. Wowsa!

  2. Thanks, guys! It has gone REALLY fast. I'm glad you like the updates!

  3. I don't need to tell you this I'm sure but - he's adorable :)

  4. Although this is anonymous, we think you should know that we agree with that last comment.

    Jim and Portia (yes, the GREAT grandparents)

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