Monday, September 27, 2010

All's well....

After a bit of a scare last week about Daniel's slowish weight gain, I'm now confident that all is well with Daniel and me.

The IBCLCs (lactation consultants) were so helpful, telling me that Daniel is doing great and they can't find anything wrong with him.
According to kellymom, a baby of Daniel's age who gains about four ounces per week (what he has done over the past two months) is within the range of normal. Just because before, he was gaining six to eight ounces per week doesn't mean there's anything wrong with my milk supply. In fact, they weighed Daniel before and after a fairly crappy nursing session—he was overly tired and very stimulated by all the new people to look at—and he still was able to ingest 50mL (almost two ounces)!

They attributed Daniel's slowing growth rate to several factors: genetics, teething, increased activity in the past months, and him being a very social baby, therefore less inclined to eat when there are more exciting things to do. They also advised me to continue having longer nursing sessions on one breast, then to offer the second breast after Daniel finishes on the first—which is what I was doing! My plan of care even advises me to trust my instincts. Isn't that wonderful?

I appreciate that my pediatrician was being cautious and concerned about the drop in percentile, but I am also very glad that I went to see the lactation consultants for a second opinion.

Crisis averted!


  1. Yes, he looks very enthusiastic!

  2. I think it's my new favorite. I'm glad you guys like it, too!

  3. go with your gut! our pediatrician keeps trying to convince me that our son isn't tall enough. what are you going to do if he isn't!? you can't make him grow any taller than his body wants to grow, you know?


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