Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple Salad

I guess it's kind of ridiculous that I get so excited about growing things in my garden, but hey, I have a garden for the first time! Plus, seeing things grow from seeds to whole plants (and things I can eat) is really fascinating.

See the pretty lettuce?

Yum! We got two tasty salads out of the lettuce, and there's a little left over for later.

I get excited seeing my vegetables and flowers grow; what do you get excited about? Please share!


  1. I get excited that my grandson is enjoying the benefits of his parents' love of healthy living. I also get excited that you are excited by beautiful fresh lettuce and simple salads. And I get a great thrill using the herbs from my herb garden and enjoying blooming petunias and daisies and watching butterflies congregate on my butterfly bush. Thanks for asking!


Thanks for your comment! I love hearing from you.


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