Monday, August 9, 2010

mama baby yoga

On Saturday, I went to mama/baby yoga again! I had been back to the "movement class" but not yoga yet, and although I love both classes, it was so wonderful to be back doing yoga again. Of course, I'm still sitting on my doughnut pillow, but I was able to use it during my practice to keep the floor poses comfortable while still working my body.

It was great fun to involve Daniel in yoga, too! I definitely want to keep going back on Saturdays and possibly find other fitness classes that include both of us. One of my momma friends is taking her baby to swimming lessons, and I've thought about getting Daniel into that, too.

I'm working on making a plan for getting intentional movement time each day, in an effort to be good to my body since it's recently done something so wonderful for me. What do you do for exercise/fitness time? How do you set aside time for it in your day? How do (did) you involve your kids when they are little? Please share!

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