Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it kharma?

As a child, I used to watch people sleep. My family members were totally creeped-out by it—one of them would often awake to find me in their room, staring at them. At the time I didn't understand what the problem was with it. I think I was just fascinated by the fact that other people (the older people in my life!) slept, too! And none of us gets to see what we're like when we sleep, so it was just incredibly interesting to me.

Well, now I am a mother of a child who watches me while he sleeps. Most of the time, his eyes are only slightly open, but then sometimes, he leaves them fairly wide open while he sleeps. I'm a little concerned for him because his father has corneal damage from sleeping without his eyelids completely closed, and I hope to help him avoid that. But, it's also just a little creepy. I guess I've gotten what I deserve!

Here he is, sleeping in that way. You can see he startles once in his sleep near the end, but then he startles himself awake at the very end (around 0:43) and then he looks up at me:


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