Monday, August 16, 2010

For our anniversary: Our story, a photo essay.

Jamie, age 11 (red striped shirt), and Amy,
age 10—totally unaware of each other in Waterloo, ON.

Jaymz and Amy (age 18 and 17), fast friends in Keuka, NY, the year we met.


A beautiful setting to fall in love—but we didn't.

Here we are, age 21 and 20, at Waffle House in Atlanta, GA.
(Still friends.)

Same year. (We love Canada!)

Here we are on my 21st birthday,
after we finally realized we love each other.

We moved across the country together

Jaymz proposed on Thanksgiving

We had our civil ceremony here in Oregon...

...and our family wedding in Ohio.

(And now, we are three!)

I love that we're still friends. Happy anniversary, Jaymz!


  1. I love all of you! Blessed x 3!

  2. love it! you guys are making me hold out for true peace camp love hahaha


  3. That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. you guys are ridiculously adorable =)

  5. What a wonderful photo diary! I love that you have a picture of the two of you before you knew each other — how awesome.

  6. That is awesome! Especially that pic from before you met.

  7. Hehehe, I love the "we didn't know it at the time, but..." stories. I have one of those, too!


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