Saturday, July 31, 2010

just ONE thing

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Dear Daniel,

The moment you were born, I ceased being your everything. I know I can't be everything to you anymore, and that's a good thing even though it's hard for me sometimes. When someone other than me can give you something you need, it hurts in a place deep inside me. It's that good kind of hurt, though, the kind that happens when new things are happening and people are growing and changing. I love that you have so many people who love you so much—you are truly a lucky person!

It means so much to me that I am able to nurse you. There are so many benefits of nursing for both of us! But, if I had to choose just one thing to tell you about what it means to me to nurse you, it's that it's something only I can do for you. It means you need me for just a little longer, and I know this won't last forever. Because of that, I'm taking this time to enjoy every second I have with you in my arms and at my breast.

For the same reason, I will let you decide when you are ready for this part of our relationship to be finished. I know there will be (and have already been) moments when nursing you feels like a bit of a chore, but in those moments I will try to remind myself of what it means to you to always have me there for you when you need me. I will remember that you will not be small forever, and that the two months we've had together so far have gone incredibly fast already.

Thank you for this time together. You are so precious to me.

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  1. This tugs on the heart strings. They are little for such a short time. Cherish every minute!

  2. That is lovely. I feel that too, it's something only I (super awesome nursing mama) can do.

  3. I loved reading your thoughts... and I couldn't agree more that nursing is wonderful for so many reasons. I find myself wondering if it is selfish on my part to be so grateful that nursing is the one thing that I can do for my baby that no one else can. Thanks for beautifully expressing your feelings!


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