Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Craniosacral Therapy

Daniel had craniosacral therapy. I talked to the therapist before the treatment about Daniel's colicky evening times and she said that she might be able to help. I've been waiting to write about it to see if I think the treatment has made any difference. The day of the therapy Daniel slept for almost the entire day, and then we had a pretty sleepless night. Since then, I'd say we've had less crying in the evenings, and he's been doing better at sleeping once we get him calmed down. He's also "sleeping through the night" some nights now, too, which results in a happier baby throughout the day.

I thought the session was pretty fun to watch. The woman, who is a chiropractor trained in craniosacral therapy, spent a lot of time holding Daniel and talking to him. Then she basically touched him lightly all over his body, and I could tell there were spots that were tender for him, because whenever she would touch those spots, he would fuss or cry. I felt like it was overall a great experience and I will take him to have it done again if it seems like he needs it.


  1. Fascinating. I have heard recommendations to use craniosacral therapy to help with many things. However, I don't know anyone who's actually done it, and I didn't understand much about what it actually entails.

    I hope it ends up being really helpful for you. :)

  2. You did a good thing for your Daniel. My son is a chiropractor and our bodies are truely wonderfully made. A touch here and there, and skillful movements can help many times.

  3. I never tried the cranisacral therapy and neither my friends did, as most of them read about it on http://essayguard.com/how-to-find. Actually I thought of it as a waste of time as, think of it, how simply touching someone can heal? Surprisingly it worked for Daniel! Live and learn.

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