Tuesday, June 8, 2010

pants on fire

a: Did you just-- is that you changing your clothes?
j: Yeah, well I'm just gonna throw away these pants anyway so I thought I'd just wear them now...
a: Throw them away? Like in the garbage?
j: Well, no...I thought I'd take 'em to Fred Meyer and burn 'em. They have a pants-burning station there--it costs 25 cents.
a: (laughing) ...And then you're going to come home in your underwear?
j: Yeah, well they give you these paper pants that you can wear home....

(He knows just how to get me laughing when I've had no sleep.)


  1. Sometimes my comments just don't appear, and I'm thinking maybe I leave the comment, and then click away from the page without doing that darn word verification. Drat!

    Anyways, this one cracked me up. I can totally picture you guys having that conversation and then you pausing before starting in laughing at Jaymz.

  2. Hey, yay! No word verification this time and my comment posted! Woot!


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