Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Daniel, (advice about advice)

I had this conversation with you while you were still in utero, but I wanted to get it down in text so you can read it someday. I also thought it would be a good preface to any future advice I have for you:

My dear child, people will be telling you what to do your whole life. Some of them know what they're talking about, and others don't. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) you will have to decide which one is which. Some people will tell you their opinions on things, and expect that you will adopt that same opinion just because they think they're smarter than you are for disagreeing with them.

Even I will give you advice and tell you what to do, and hopefully you'll listen to the valuable things that I tell you and disregard the rest. I am under no illusion that I have all the answers, and I also know that some day you will be smarter than I am, because that's just the natural way of things. But until you are old enough to make your own decisions, I will make them for you, and I know this will be a gradual process of you accepting more responsibility and control over your life and me letting go.

Ultimately, you will get to (and have to) make all of the choices about how you are going to live your life, what you believe, and how you will treat people. And I know you'll do the best you can; we all do.

Trust yourself.



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