Sunday, April 11, 2010

black bear diner

I had a wonderful interaction about motherhood with our server at breakfast this morning. As she was bringing us our check, she nodded toward my belly and said, "Congratulations, by the way! You're gonna love it!"

We talked for a little while about having babies and she told us about her baby boy. We talked about how life-changing it is, and she was absolutely glowing as she talked about her child and how much she loves him, saying, "They come out and you just love them immediately and it's almost scary how much love you have for this person!"

I've written before about the amazing big love that I feel for our little one already, and it's just so hard for me to imagine what life will be like after he or she is out of me and in this world experiencing life with the rest of us. I am really looking forward to that day!

It was so great to have input from someone who so clearly loves being a mother. I hope I am so blessed.

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