Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last night, water aerobics was hilarious. Rachel has already done an excellent job at describing our instructor, so I'll just reiterate that this lady really is a lot like the female version of Richard Simmons.

We got to the part of class where all us lovely pregnant women are in the "deep end" [5' ish?] of the therapy pool sitting on our foam noodles, and our instructor started talking about Kegels. This is part of every class, and I kind of get a kick out of listening to her try to describe how to do the exercise, and how she always says "sphincter" instead of "anus," but I digress.

So it was Kegel time, and [I really need to learn her name] Mrs. Simmons gets all excited and says that, "Tonight, we're going to listen to the Kegel Song!" She wheeled out a life-size skeleton model which she had modified to be a pregnant woman by taping an inflatable beach ball to the abdominal cavity, and started this song:

It was...indescribable. When another woman in the class told me there was a music video complete with vulva puppets, I couldn't resist sharing it! [Complete lyrics to the song can be found here.]


  1. HAHA! Oh my word! This totally DID make my day!! Yay!

    When you're all ready, I am at least going to have to forward this post on to my mom and sister... :)


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