Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Baby,

When I was just ten weeks pregnant, your dad and I went to Travis and Shannon's house for dinner with them and their two little ones. While we were there, your dad told them we were expecting you and everyone was very excited. Sometime later in the night, Shannon and I started talking about weight gain and food cravings during pregnancy, and she told me they spent more money on food while she was pregnant than they ever have before or since. It was a little hard for me to wrap my mind around wanting to eat much of anything other than pretzels at that moment, but I filed that little bit of information away for a later date.

Well, child, that date is here. You are now 2.5lbs and 15inches long, and holy cow--do you love pineapple lately! Your dad and I calculated it last night, and in the last ten days, we have spent $37.91 on pineapple alone. As I sit here typing this, I am eating yet another box of pre-sliced pineapple from New Seasons, and it is oh so good! In another day or so, I will have eaten about 100 ounces of pineapple in less than two weeks. In all fairness, Jaymz has eaten some of it. But in ALL FAIRNESS, not much.

I eat it when I wake up [pineapple and tea], I eat it with breakfast [pineapple and eggs], I eat it alone for afternoon snack and while I'm making dinner, I eat it with dessert [pineapple and ice cream], and I eat it when you wake me up from 2-4am as my mid-night snack [pineapple and milk]!

Your grandmother suggested to me today that maybe you will come out doing the hula. That would be just fine with me! This a wonderful craving and I'm enjoying every juicy minute of it. I can hardly wait to meet the little person who is doing all these things to my body. See you soon!


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