Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Baby,

Today your dad felt your kicks for the first time! We were in bed this afternoon, about to take a nap, and I was lying on my back with my hand resting absentmindedly on my belly. I felt you kick my hand once, then again, and I realized that I was feeling you from inside and out, so I said, "Jaymz, put your hand right here," and he felt you kick! He said it felt like "a little pop," like a bubble was popping inside me. He also said it felt a bit like a flick. Lately, you've taken to kicking (or punching, I'm not sure which little bit of you is which) me in the bladder when it's getting full, as if to say, "Momma! It's getting a little crowded in here! Go pee!"

I have been feeling your movements much stronger the past few days, so I'm glad your dad will be able to feel them now, too! I thought it would be a while longer before he could experience your tiny kicks with his big hands, but you reminded me (again) today that we're on your time line, not mine or anyone else's.

I'm glad you're starting to be able to interact with your environment in new ways. There are so many things you'll get to experience when you're outside of me, but for now I'm glad you don't have to be bothered with all of those things. I'll keep you safe and help you grow until your little feet are ready to touch the outside world. And when you're ready, Dad and I will be so excited to meet you! Until then, we'll try to be patient. We love you so much!


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