Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Baby,

Today something scary happened that made me think maybe you aren't doing so well in there. Your dad and I are very attached to you, you know, and we really want you to come out happy and healthy when you're ready.

We went to have an ultrasound to make sure you are ok, and I could hardly stand it, I had to pee so badly. I thought I might pee right there on the bed when the ultrasound tech pushed on my belly. But then I saw your tiny heart beating and your little face and I forgot about my discomfort [for the moment].

Your dad held my hand as we saw your profile and your perfect little fingers, and when the tech tried to take your picture, you rolled right over and showed all of us your butt instead. Your dad squeezed my hand when you stretched both of your legs out straight several times in a row, as if to protest all this interference with your playtime.

We saw your placenta, the amazing disposable organ that is made up of 50% my cells and 50% your cells. It's something we made together! We saw your umbilical cord, the lifeline that will keep you well fed until you take your first breaths and I make the switch to feeding you actively from my body.

I knew you were in there, growing and changing, but since I can't feel you yet I didn't know how very active you are! You're downright wiggly! I know it is only a matter of time before those little feet start kicking me in the ribs and bladder, and I secretly can't wait.

You and I have a lot of growing left to do, Little One, and not that much time in which to do it. Go team!


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