Friday, November 13, 2009

donut emergency

I don't think I have road rage--I'm a pretty patient driver when it comes to most things. One thing that has helped me to be this way is something my mother-in-law said to me once about not looking at other drivers, "When I stopped looking at people, they stopped being angry with me!"

It's really true, if you don't look at the other person, they can give you a mean look or flip you off or whatever, but you'll never know!

This morning, however, I experienced some ridiculous road rage from another driver. I got in the right turn lane, and this lady pulls up behind me. We had a red light. Usually, this is a great place to do right on red, but today there was not only oncoming traffic, but also a large road service vehicle of some sort parked half on the sidewalk and half in our turn lane, so I wasn't comfortable turning right on red in these particular circumstances. This crazy lady, however, apparently thought I should be turning RIGHT THEN, so she pulled right up to my bumper and started honking her horn, as if there was a green light, or a yield sign and no traffic and I was just sitting there. The thing is, when people start acting like this, I am much less inclined to do what they want me to do, so I sat there until our light turned green and then slowly made my way around the truck.

The fact is, lady, you don't get to decide when I turn, only when you turn.

So I turned right and she promptly hit the gas, passed me, and then slammed on her breaks so she could--get this--turn into the Krispy Kreme drive through. Yeah, that was her emergency. She had her panties in a wad over getting to the donut place in a hurry.

(I'm speechless.)

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