Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i had this dream...

where i was back in school, but in the dream i had already accomplished everything i have up to this point [school, job, etc.] and i was going back to high school intentionally to do the things i felt like i had 'missed out on.' this is something i've always said in real life that i would never do--because why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to high school again? but there i was, doing just that and feeling pretty good about it, and i was in class with my favorite english teacher, mr. brooks. it was a composition class, and that day we were supposed to answer a question in our writing:

"what do you want out of life?"

isn't this an interesting question that my subconscious posed to me, especially at this moment in my life?

and there's so much time left to answer this question over and over.

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