Thursday, October 4, 2007

on the good atmosphere at thai derm

last evening jaymz and i were eating at this amazing restaurant, thai derm. there were two other tables in the section where we were eating with people at them, the one closest to us with a small family, and the one across the room from us with a middle-aged man and his grown son [i assume].

so we were minding our own business...eating...when the man's cell phone rings [loudly] and he answers it. he starts talking to the person on the other end [someone from work] so loudly that everyone in the room can clearly hear his entire end of the conversation. he talks about other people at work, he talks about various business-like things that i can't remember because they were so extremely dull, and he talks loudly. i was starting to think the person who called him must have a hearing problem, but i could tell by the way his son shook his head and rolled his eyes at me when i looked at them that this must just be the way he talks on the phone.

so...about 10 minutes go by...the son finishes eating, the server takes their plates away, she brings the bill, they pay the bill, she says thank you, etc., and the man is still talking on the damn phone. his son gets up and starts pacing back and forth in the restaurant. i jokingly say, "we should invite him to come sit with us," and he finally just leaves, just walks out the door. the man must've gotten the hint at this point that it was time to leave the restaurant, because he gets up and starts to put on his jacket. [jaymz and i are starting to laugh.]

then he says to the person on the phone, "yeah, we're eating at this great korean restaurant, it has really great atmosphere.... yeah it's by--uh, it's got the best atmosphere, they have these tables-- ...yeah you should--no wait, it's a thai restaurant, i'm sorry, thai food.... yeah, it's got really good atmosphere!" [now we're cracking up.]

yes, asshole, it does--when you're not here.
[don't come back.]


  1. Gar! Kyle destroy! Don't people know you're not spose to answer the phone during supper... especially when you're with family. And if you have some really important job that HAS to be dealt with... you'd think they'd be smart enough to take it outside... humanity has it's flaws...

  2. was bad.

    jaymz reminded me that at one point the guy said, "well, if you had done your homework--!" ...and then jaymz said, "do you think he's talking to his kid?"

    haha um, no.


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