Thursday, October 25, 2007

good news

well, i'm not thoroughly hating my job anymore, so that's good news. finally on night shift [after a bit of unwanted but necessary drama] working with some really chill people, and that's exactly what i needed. plus, i'm looking forward to the extra pay on my next paycheck. [paying off debts feels so good!] i suspect this job will only last a year or so, at which point i'll switch to something else, and hopefully get myself back on track to go to grad i can end up doing what i actually want to do with my life.

we got some new games the other day, and i'm enjoying life. made some appointments--thanks to my awesome new insurance--so i can take better care of myself. [thanks for pointing that out, by the way.]

plus, there are rainbows on the walls and last night's negative energy seems to have magically disappeared. [thanks for that, too?]

now back to sleep!


  1. Hooray for Peace... in Portland! I'm trying to get my mom to fund a trip to portland... but so far it's no go. T.T

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