Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what's a pumpkin for?

i was in this pumpkin fight, and i was winning. everyone was throwing them at me, and all the other dodgers had gotten obliterated with pumpkins, but i had yet to even be grazed by one. lots of people were watching because 1.) i don't generally get myself into these kinds of things because i'm too scared of looking stupid and doing badly [because/and] 2.) i never win them once i do become involved. people from my grade school who i had played dodgeball with were throwing pumpkins and telling me i'd never last up there without getting hit, and i was saying back to them how completely wrong they were.

i took a break from the fight to get some water or something, and i walked by a van where i overheard candi talking to another girl. the second girl told candi about how i wasn't getting hit with any pumpkins like everyone else, and how she should come to watch because it was amazing! candi said, "that must be someone else named amy; she wouldn't do that...she couldn't do that." i came right up to the van and twirled around to show her my clean clothes, and i said to her,

"you don't know me anymore, so stop acting like you do.
you always underestimated me."

and i walked away.

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