Tuesday, April 17, 2007

procrastination...makes it happen?

i guess i've basically got a bad case of senioritis, which i suppose is alright since it's technically my last week of classes, i have a conference thingie next week, and then only one final [made up entirely of questions from previous tests] the week after.

but instead of being over here like, "woohoo! i'm done with my work; i only have one final; i rock!" i'm actually going, "shit--why didn't i finish this work way back when it was due? now i've got a fuck-ton of stupid papers and concept maps and a portfolio to turn in." uhhhhhhh yeah.

at least in a couple of weeks i'll have a degree to show for all this crap...this homework will do itself, right?

eh, whatever.

mood: apathetic

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