Tuesday, April 24, 2007

one of my favorite stories:

There was this monkey, and his name was Hanuman. He was courageous, brave, and strong, always defeating and outwitting his enemies in protection of his god, Rama.

At the end of many years of war and Hanuman repeatedly rescuing Rama from danger, Rama held a ceremony to reward those who helped him through that time. Hanuman did not want a reward from Rama, but as he approached his god, Rama became overwhelmed with emotion, embracing Hanuman and saying that there would be no gift great enough that could ever repay him for his selfless devotion.

But Sita insisted that Hanuman be rewarded and placed around his neck a necklace made of priceless jewels. Hanuman immediately removed the necklace and took it apart, breaking each stone in half and peering inside of it. Everyone watching was upset with Hanuman for destroying such a precious gift, and some among them demanded to know why he was doing such a thing.

Hanuman answered that he was looking into the stones to see if his god was in them, because unless a thing is saturated with his god, it is of no value to him. His friends mocked him, saying he could not possibly have such a deep love for his god.

At this, Hanuman became saddened and tore open his chest. Written all over the inside of his body, on every organ and tissue, was the name of his god.

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