Tuesday, March 6, 2007

i SAID, "don't get me started..."

but she did, so now i have to talk about her.

"theresa" is a non-trad nursing student who is so stupid i have no idea how she has made it this far in the nursing program. she has bad grammar, poor manners, and she asks stupid questions.

she taught group therapy on the psychiatric unit [about the therapeutic effects of laughter] with my friend alicia the other day, and that crazy woman had the nerve to pass out dirty jokes to the psych patients and have them read them out loud.

"what did the elephant say to the man?"
"i dunno, what?"
"how do you breathe out of that thing!?"

theresa stares at people during class. the woman cannot sit forward and listen to a lecture or politely draw in her notebook or make a 'to do' list, she has to turn around and stare at you; when you look back she just gets this creepy smile on her face...and keeps staring.

she also has this habit of telling everyone, including our mental health professor [who is a nun], about how she and her husband go out to dinner and have sex on tuesdays, so she couldn't possibly do any work or get together for a group project or study for a test on that day--she'd miss her one night of sex for the week! [god forbid she fuck him on wednesday.]


last semester at our end of the year conference with our professor, our clinical group all went out to breakfast together while we talked and reflected on the semester's experiences. [picture us sitting at a cheap breakfast restaurant at a big table with lots of people all around.] theresa had the audacity to bring up [WHILE WE WERE EATING AND IN EARSHOT OF OTHER PAYING CUSTOMERS] how she never knew, before this clinical, that some women shave their pubic hair, and how she thought that was just SO disgusting! she went on and on. theresa dear, i do NOT need to be given a mental picture of your overgrown.... NO thank you.

...all this while carla's nipple is practically in my eggs.

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