Thursday, January 4, 2007

full-moon crazies

there's something about the moon that makes things happen. the father of a patient tonight said to me that he used to work with mentally challenged students and one of the psychiatrists he worked with had done studies about how the moon affects barometric pressure and how that affects psych patients. it's all about pressure...but then again, isn't everything?

anyhow, it has been a fullish moon for a few nights now and i've been there for at least 10 psych patients--which is a bit more than usual. the best one from tonight [A. Dick] said that aliens stole his fingers and replaced them with smaller ones. quite the interesting complaint, i'd say...too bad we don't specialize in appendage theft in our ER. =/

so, on my drive home i was staying awake by thinking about what it would be like if something i hit would explode all over my car...and i decided that possibly the most interesting and messy target would be a monster. blue monster goo all over the car--that would be delightfully messy.

thanks Mr. Dick, for inspiring an amusing road hallucination of a suicidal monster using me to meet his end.

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