Sunday, August 20, 2006

i know this girl...

she's one of those people who takes every opportunity to turn a conversation around so she can talk about herself...but she never seems to have anything pleasant to say, just kind of generalized pseudo-pessimistic garbage that probes for personal compliments from the other participants in the conversation. and she doesn't even do it in a cute way that makes you want to compliment her, it's just sad...and it's really annoying.

she also is one of those people who is never happy with where she is or what she's doing at any particular moment. she's always wishing she lived somewhere else, had a different lover [cause once she gets the one she wants, they're not right for her anymore], had a different job or house or body or, fuck--everything. i mean, it's totally fine to feel that way, but i just wish she wouldn't remind me when i'm hanging out with her that she'd really rather be somewhere else.

i hope i'm not like her...particularly in these two ways.

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