Sunday, July 30, 2006


my sister and i had this conversation about social convention, and with a lot of her help and insight, i've come to the conclusion that while the world deems it silly for anyone over the age of 12 to get excited about stuff, i'm not going to think that anymore...because i get excited about a lot of things, and there's just not enough time and energy to be thinking about whether or not it's an ok thing to be excited about.

there are just too many good things in this world, and i think i'm gifted with being very easily amused, and thus, excited.

the other day i was driving to work and i felt like, without noticing it happening, everything was clear and crisp and colors were brighter and i was noticing every little thing that happened around me, things i would've missed before.... i was especially enjoying how my air conditioner was blowing out visibly cold air. that was fun. and even though i've gotten used to this new feeling somewhat, i still notice it's there, and i really hope it's here to stay.

[there's a black and yellow butterfly feasting on a cone flower right outside the window; it looks excited.]

i just looked down at the desk and my mom has this notepad thing with little one-frame [god-centered] cartoons in the corner, and the one it's open to has a picture of a little girl and says, "Dear God, if i gave all my love away... could i have a refill?"

=) i'm gonna need one.

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