Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I had this dream last night:

I was at the orthodontist, in that reclining chair thingie, and my least favorite dental hygenist lady comes over [I always seem to get her] and looks in my mouth and whatnot. Then she tells me to take off my glasses, and take this eye dropper thing and put a drop in each eye. I was like, "huh?" and she got all mad at me for questioning her....

So I started to put a drop in my right eye and she said, "No, Left!" but aparently in my dreams I don't know right from left so I argued back, "This IS my left!" She yelled, "No, no, no!" in front of all these little kids who were there to get their braces adjusted and they looked really scared. [We went on like this bickering about right and left for a while]

Deciding that I was completely incapable of putting in my own eye drops, she did it for me, then took the eye dropper and dipped it into a glass of orange juice--and put a drop of that into each eye. This stung like a motherfucker, so I yelled out, "Hey--what the hell do you think you're doing!?" and she just smiled at me and told me when my next appointment was.

They didn't even touch my teeth. It was weird.

So, do I need a dream interpreter? Psychotherapist?
Less Tylenol PM tonight??

I think so.


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